Our Animals

Our Animals still have names

We have plenty of animals, just as it should be on a farmyard.


We treat them as little family members and thus they must know who they are and that they are being loved. Therefore every one of them has a name.

There are for example the rabbits Dickie and Mokka, our horses Wieco, who is our new 5-year old Haflinger gelding and Jenny. The cats are called Maus, Ben, Annabella, Minka, Fredi and Wuschel. The cock Otto is keeping an eye on his 5 hens, Vroni, Flecki and Schnucki are the 3 minigoats. Last but not least there are also our 2 potbelly pigs Robby and Wilma as well as our four cows Blimi, Rosi, Stolzi and Blanki with their calves.


Where there are so many animals there is always a lot of work to be done. So the kids enjoy the ultimate farm adventure giving a helping hand in the stable.